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Otaio Bridge Alpacas

Share our passion for everything alpaca

Choose from our alpacas with fine uniform fleeces. Otaio Bridge Alpacas is located in Timaru, South Canterbury, New Zealand.

We can assist you with transport or export requirements.

All alpacas sold will be up to date with vaccinations and supplements.

Breeding Female Alpacas For Sale

Our herd has diminished dramatically over the last year as we get closer to retirement. We still have quality animals available for you. Be in Quick before they're all gone.

We also have two older females both pregnant, if interested as companion animal or as starter herd please contact us.

We are happy to look at offers. And we are happy to look at a payment plan.

Your options

- Maiden Females, not yet mated. This may include a mating to one of our stud males

- Pregnant females

- Three in one Package, pregnant female with cria at foot

We give a fertility guarantee for all females not yet pregnant.

We give a live birth guarantee for all pregnant females.

Standard conditions apply, if in doubt we may ask for a vet certificate.‚Äč

Sire: WTH Enterprise

Dam: OTB Lacebark

Colour: Solid Light Fawn

DOB: 23/3/2017

IAR: 1019732

Pregnancy: Pregnant to Hom Caesar ET

An Ultrafine well conformed maiden with very good genetics.

Price : Make us an offer in the 2000-2500 range +GST(no GST for export) 

For more information click here

Sire:WTH Enterprise

Dam: AQU Ariadne

Colour: Solid L.Brown

DOB: 25/2/2018

IAR: 1019734

Pregnancy:Mated to Hom Caesar ET

Ultra fine, ultra gorgeous,ultra quality.

Price: $3000 + GST

(no GST for export)

For more information click here

Sire:WTH Enterprise

Dam: AQU Ariadne

Colour: Solid L.Brown

DOB: 30/1/2019

IAR: 1021213

Pregnancy: Maiden

A lovely sweet tempered maiden female with a gorgeous fine fleece

Price Offers over $1500 + GST.

For more information click Here

Sire: Waratah Flats Enterprise (LBR)

Dam: Otaio Bridge Corokia (Roan)

DOB: 6/4/2015

IAR: 1016039

Colour: Solid light Fawn

Pregnancy: Pregnant

Covering Sire: Hom Caesar Et

Due date: late March 2021

Price: Offers over $3000 +GST

A superb breeding female producing quality crias

For more information click here

Sire: WTH Enterprise

Dam: OTB Wineberry


DOB: 4/4/2016


Pregnancy: Mated to HOM Caesar ET

A lovely young female, with a quality, fine fleece and a quality cria on the way.

Price: $2000 + GST

For more information click here

Sire: Aspiring Moonraker

Dam: Otaio Bridge Cassinia

DOB: 26/3/2013

IAR: 1013223

Colour: Solid White

Covering Sire : WTH Enterprise

Due date : 16/3/2021

Lacebark is a quality female. She comes from a line with excellent fertility and good mothering.

Price make us an offer in the $1500 - $2000 range +GST

For more information Click here

Sire: Homestead farm Caesar ET

Dam: Otaio Bridge Lacbark

DOB: 15/3/2020

IAR: 1023602

Colour: Solid Medium Fawn

Covering Sire : N/A

Due date : Maiden

Price: $1500 +GST

Korokio is our youngest female for sale. Only 7 month old and already a big well grown girl with a very long very soft fleece.

Korokio is too young to move to another farm on her own,  she will only move to another farm in the company of one of our other females.

For more information Click here