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Otaio Bridge Pinatoro

Otaio Bridge Pinatoro

Sire: Otaio Bridge Karaka
Dam: Otaio Bridge Celmisia
DOB: 4/2/2017
IAR: 1019731
Colour: Rose grey
Covering Sire : HOM Caesar ET
Due date : 31/3/2020

(Price is valid until birthing.)

Pinatoro is a special, quality young female with an exceptional fine fleece in a soft lavender colour. Her fleece is dense and well alligned with a high frequency crimp. She is well grown with a sturdy frame and good conformation.

Pinatoro has interesting genetics. With ILR Alpaca Fiber's Brutus and Cedar House Woolmaker on her sire's side and Purrumbete Highlander on her dam's side. An unusual combination, but it is very successful.

Pinatoro has strong roan/grey genetics. Her dam OTB Celmisia is a classic silver grey, producing classic and modern grey offspring. Celmisia's Sire is a classic grey and her Dam a dark roan. Her Sire's sire was a Beautifull Roan.

Her fleece has a very soft handle. One judge commented she had the softest handle over all colours.
Pinatoro has inherited her fineness from her Sire's side. OTB Karaka was 17.5 micron on his 5th fleece. Pinatoro's full brother OTB Kauri maintained his fineness too, 17.7 on his third fleece. Pinatoro herself is still 17 micron while her fleece seems to get better with age.

Another family trait is the high fertility, easy birthing and good mothering.  Her Dam Greatdams and aunties are been a very good Mums to their crias with a plentiful milk supply

Pinatoro has been mated to Hom Caesar ET, to maintain fineness and add extra density.We also hope it will maintain her gorgeous colour.

Pinatoro has been lightly shown and had several fleeces entered resulting in multiple Championships. Her Dam, Greatsire and Full brother are all multiple Grey/Roan champions, while her sire is a Brown and multiple Age Group Champion

              Micron  SD  CV    CF    SF   SL  SD along CRV Dg/mm dg/mm
 6/12/2017  18.1   4.3  23.9  98.6  18.1 120  1.0          31.5 2
30/11/2018 17.3   4.3  24.9  100.0 17.5  95  1.7           44.0 
27/11/2019 17.9   3.9  21.9   99.5 17.5   95  0.6          47.8

Show results:
Winchester 2018: 1st Junior female Grey/Roan, Champion Grey/Roan
Mackenzie 2018 1st Junior Female Grey/roan
National Fleece show 2018: 1st Junior Female Grey Fleece
Waikato 2018: 1st Junior Grey Fleece
Central Region Colourbration 2018: 1st Junior Grey Female Fleece, Female Grey Champion (her full brother OTB Kauri just beat her for Supreme Grey Champion.
Ashburton 2018: 2nd Intermediate Greg Female (to SC)
Waimate 2018: 2nd Intermediate Grey/Roan Female
Mackenzie 2019: 1st Intermediate Grey/Roan  Fleece
National Fleece 2019: 2nd Intermediate Grey female Fleece
Central Region Colourbration 2019: 2nd Grey Intermediate Female  Grey.

Pinatoro as Cria

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Pinatoro's Second fleece 17.3 mu