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DAY SEVEN and the last day of the Celebration Sale where we offer you special girls for special prices. Of course they stay for sale at their special price, but don't wait too long, we have had several inquiries. Today we offer you the best yet: Otaio Bridge Lanternberry with her very special fine bright very advanced fleece style.

DAY SIX of the Celebration Sale and we offer you Otaio Bridge Hinau for sale. She is fine, she is cute, and she can be all yours

DAY FIVE was OTB Wineberry's turn, but she was sold before we could advertise her!

DAY FOUR and we offer you Otaio Bridge Mikimiki. She is ultra fine, very well grown and very sweet.

The THIRD DAY of Celebrating and we release Otaio Bridge Kowhai. A very special girl and you can have her for a very special price. A very fine friendly young female ready to be mated, and the good news is you can have a mating included in the price.
For the SECOND DAY we offer you Otaio Bridge Kohuhu, a  lovely black girl with a superfine highly lustrous fleece, and with grey and roan genetics. Again at a very special price to celebrate New Zealand being open for exports again.

GREAT NEWS: The New Zealand Alpaca industry is open for exports again. To celebrate we will over the coming week release every day a new female for sale at a special price. The first one is Otaio Bridge Makaka, an ultrafine maiden female with great genetics and a great future.

New yarns

We have added new colours to our hand dyed yarns, all based on the Flowers in my Garden. Visit our store now to see them all.
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Comings and goings


We say Goodbye to OTB Manuka and her cria Matipo. Congratulations to Rachel Andrews, NZ Grandview Alpacas. I know you will look after these very special girls.

We also say Goodbye to Horopito who moves just across the road, and the Alpac'n'save who moves to Manuka Cottage Alpacas

Our new Studs
We welcome Pejo Kenta and Homestead Farm Caesar ET to our farm and say goodbye to Hemiccoyo Schiaparelli.
Our half share of Schiaparelli has been sold to Manuka Cottage Alpacas. Congratulations. We know he will produce lovely fine crias for you.
We are very happy to welcome PEJO KENTA to our farm. He will give us the sought after darker fleeces while maintaining fineness. Thank you Kate Mander for selling him to us. We will find plenty of work for him.
For more information about Kenta click here

Welcome Homestead Farm CAESAR ET. We have used Caesar in the past and were very happy with the fine uniform fleeces he produced in his cria. So when the chance came to purchase him we did not hesitate. Thank you Judy White, Alkmaar Alpacas for selling him to us. Click here for more information.

The Last of our crias 2017

Otaio Bridge KOHUHU.
A gorgeous black girl from OTB Esther by Pejo Copenhagen.
So very very fine, so very very silky.
Otaio Bridge MAKAKA
A sweet light fawn girl for our lovely OTB Lacebark by Waratah Flats Enterprise.
Great genetics, great expectations.
Otaio Bridge SNOWBERRY
Another girl!. This time for OTB Wineberry by Alkmaar Augustus.
Shiny white, dense and silky. We are happy.

Sunday 7th May 2017 Open Day 2017

What a great open day we had. So many people enjoying themselves. 

We are very happy we have introduced so many people to alpacas.

And even better to help a few people on their alpaca adventure. 

We had a naming competition for our last cria, a beautifull white female by Alkmaar Augustus and Otaio bridge Wine Berry.

The winning name is SNOW BERRY. 

Our open day even made it to the Waimate News and Views.


and to Alpaca Culture


2/5/17 Finally all the crias have arrived. Great range of genetics, great range of colours, all adorable.
OTB Pinatoro 4/2/2017
Rose-grey Female
OTB Celmisia x OTB Karaka

OTB Matipo 10/2/2017

Dark Brown (Roan?) Female

OTB Manuka x Pejo Copenhagen

OTB Wharawhara 19/2/2017 - Roan male
OTB Astelia x OTB Karaka
OTB Mikimiki 25/2/17
L BRown female
AQU Ariadnex WTH Enterp
OTB Lantern Berry
28/2/17 White female
OTB Ourisia x SWA Genesis
What a great few days.
Sunday 16th was fleece judging with Sarah Busby as judge.
OTB Kowhai was awarded a 2nd place in a very strong class medium fawn Junior Females, OTB Alpac'n'Save and OTB Kauri (jun Fleece) were awarded first places.
OTB Eyebright received a 2nd place in the Int Female White
OTB Karaka was awarded a first place in the Senior Males brown
And best of all OTB Kauri repeated his success from the National Alpaca show in 2016 by winning his class (Int Male Grey/roan), intermediate male Fleece Champion and Grey Fleece Champion.
Saturday 19th November
A first for us. We had a hen-party in the paddock. The whole party had to dress up as something starting with A. The 'bride to be' was dressed as an ALPACA, we had alpaca farmers, artists, angels army personnel. Our Eyebright decided to join the party as dressed up as AAAwfully muddy.
Monday 28/9/2015
Goodbye to Matipo, Nikau and Brown Boy. I am sure you will have a lovely life at your new farm. We will come and visit you. In the meantime Gabriel will look after you.
Sunday 27/9/2015
Friday 25/9/2015
Show season has started again.
We had the Colourbration Show at the start of the month.
Lacebark received a FIRST ribbon in the White Adult Class. Very happy with that.

Then last weekend the National Alpacas Show 2015.
Very happy with our fleece results from the national show.
3 fleeces entered, 3 first places.
OTB Manuka in the 36-60mths female Grey class.
OTB Karaka in the 36-60mths male Brown class
WTH Enterprise in the 60+ mths male Brown class.

It is particularly pleasing that fleeces of the older animals are still doing so well.
That is one of our breeding goals, alpacas producing better fleeces for longer!
Thursday 7/5/15

We had a visit from the Eastern Otago Spinners and weavers.
And what a great day they picked to come and visit. They talked to the alpacas, had a lovely lunch, loaded up with yarn, fibre and fleeces, and of they went to the next place.
Monday 4/5/2015
What a great day we had on Sunday the 3rd May. We had people walking with alpacas, looking at alpacas, buying alpaca yarns, buying alpacas, chatting alpaca. A fantastic day and we hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. A big Thank you to our helpers, we couldn't have done it without you.
Saturday 11/4/2015
Today we have to say Goodbye to OTB Mapou and her cria OTB Olearia, and to our bottle baby OTB Ryanna.
Congratulations to Rachel and Grant Marshall on their start of alpaca breeding.
We wish you lots of pleasure and success.

 Friday 10/4/2015

We had a busy week. We attended the Mackenzie Highland Show (see our Show results page) and had 3 new crias born, all 3 sired by WTF Enterprise

A girl for OTB Corokia, OTB Eyebright                   A girl for OTB Ourisia, OTB Kowhai        and a boy for OTB Wineberry.

Saturday 28/3/2015

Today OTB Karaka's first progeny arrived, a gorgeous modern Dark Grey Male.
out of our lovely grey OTB Celmisia .
We have named him OTB Kauri

Monday 9/2/15
The crias have started to arrive. First was a lovely Enterprise girl Ryanna. her mum wasn't well and needed a C-section. Ryanna was named after the vet doing the surgery.
Second was another Enterprise cria, this time a boy. We named him Wharariki, the maori name for Mountain Flax, and his paddock name will be Riki.

Ryanna, being born with a little help.
Wharariki enjoying the sunshine
Saturday 9/1/2015

t hasn't rained for several month and the paddocks are turning to dust. That's when we start chopping down the poplar trees. Alpacas love poplar trees. And the tree will regrow for the next drought.
Hard work but it is feeding alpacas and cutting firewood at the same time!
Spot the black alpaca
Alpacas love poplar leaves and eat the soft new tips.
Friday 28/11/2014

We are not allowed outside today. We have to keep our fleeces dry for the South Otago show in Balclutha.